Alpha Kappa Alpha AKA Rhinestone Handbag Folding Purse Holder Bag Hanger Hook

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Product Description

Enjoy more room on the table and in your seat with this Alpha Kappa Alpha AKA Rhinestone Handbag Folding Purse Holder Bag Hanger Hook, which allows you to hang your purse off the side of the table, rather than your sitting space. Keeps your handbag off the ground and ensures you have a place to put your handbag every time. This purse holder is compact and lightweight and folds into a lock shape. Has an anti-slip grip to prevent slippage on almost any surface. Features AKA Crest, AKA Greek Letters and Pink and Green Rhinestones, with Alpha Kappa Alpha engraved on the lock. Easy to release hook enables you to quickly attach and detach from your purse handle. 


  • 2.5 x 2.1 x .3 inches
  • Anti-Slip grip
  • AKA purse holder
  • Great to keep attached to your AKA handbag

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