Betty's Promos Plus Reviews

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Just what i needed! Beautiful!

The stitching and delivery was amazing, I will keep ordering and supporting

I bought them for a Friend , and she loves them!

It’s the perfect little hat!

The Shield afghan is beautiful!! Just what I always wanted. It’s bigger than I expected and the colors are spot on. The socks and hat are as expected. So pretty! Thank you Betty’s Promos🩷💚

This was a gift to my son who’s also my frat brother. So he definitely liked it especially since mid this year his Hyundai was a victim of the thief game on TikTok. So these headrest were a lot better than the ones that were stolen with his car. Thanks look forward to doing more business with Betty in the future.

This pin isn’t thin and flimsy, it’s very well crafted and comes beautifully packaged. Thank you so much!

This was very sturdy and the colors are very vibrant, he loves it!

The quality of each item was amazing, this is very well made and fit him perfectly!

Great fit and was perfect for our Christmas celebrations with students.

I placed this order late, before I placed it called to verify that it would be delivered before Christmas they said it would and it did! This will be our place to order from! Thank you Betty and company for making sure my granddaughter will have her present. 🩷

The length was great and the keychain is a nice color.

Love it! Love it!
Beautiful compact!!😅

Loved the look, fit, and quality of the hat

Love this bag and I have a black one as well.

I really like the jacket…good quality and price.